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Saint Therese of Lisieux

everyone! Here is the link to my story book:


  1. Hey Natalia, I really like your concept. I'm looking forward to reading about what kinds of inspiring stories this kid on a trip to the cathedral is going to read and if they are going to get caught. I wonder if they'll be able to read the stories all in one sitting or maybe they will have to start trying to sneak back into the cathedral to finish it up because they were found out. If these help them decide what they want to do with their life that would be really cool. Maybe they'll decide they want to be a historian so they can continue studying these people's lives. Also, on your home page you have an image of Joan of Arc, maybe having all 3 of the Saints would help balance out the look of the page and help fill the white space. I look forward to your future writing!

  2. Hi Natalia,
    I love the image you selected for your Storybook! It reflects nicely the whole cathedral theme that you are going for. Plus, I just love stained glass in general so it is truly a personal preference. As to your introduction, I have a few questions to start off with. What is this trip that our narrator is forced to go on? Is it a school trip? If you were to include the background for this trip, it would help ground your reader in the story better. In your introduction, you do an awesome job of helping your reader follow along with the narrator, but it would also be nice to see some more description of the cathedral itself. What does the sunlight look like as it filters through the windows onto the floor? Are there dust particles floating around? Are there even windows? Is the sheet on the glass box dusty and yellowed? Is the box well-lit? These are just some suggestions to really help your audience stand in the moment with your narrator. I'm already intrigued as to where this Storybook will go! Good job!

  3. Hey Natalia,
    I enjoyed the idea you have of discussing the folklore behind prominent female Saints. I like the medium you are choosing to talk about each saint. The idea of a journal will give each story a sense of personal connection with the individual from Christian belief. I used to be Catholic, and though I am no longer spiritual, I have fond memories of a picture book of Saints I had. It was like a mini encyclopedia of Saints and had a very factual dictation. I am curious to see what it is like to read about the Saints from their own perspective. One thing I would recommend is to read over your introduction piece-by-piece to catch any of those misspellings or grammatically incorrect phrasings. There are not many but it helps to comb through your work slowly and catch them. Overall though, I am excited to read this and was drawn in by the imagery you provided.


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